Luca "FRAZ" Frazzoni - vocals & guitar
Alessandro "ALE" Moretti - drums
Matteo "CASSA" Cassanelli - vocals & bass

2011 - Ozium Idol [EP] - FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD
2014 - Dirt Dealer - FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD

The Dallaz were born in 2000 in Bologna, Italy, from the common passion for late '90s stoner sounds and the same darker '70s music roots. They had their first rehearsal place in a house in the middle of Bolognese countryside so their sound was also influenced by the dust and the heavy, unstoppable sound of tractors.
The first line up included Luca "Fraz" Frazzoni (voice and bass guitar), Alessandro Moretti (drums) and Giacomo Civollani (lead guitar) and it's the same that in 2011 recorded the EP "Ozium idol", issued for free downloading for MoshpitCulture label. Some tracks from the EP appears on some webzine compilations, such as,, r&
By the end of 2011 Fraz goes on to voice and lead guitar, as Giacomo quits the band and Matteo Cassanelli joins on bass guitar: by adding a second lead singer and composer, the sound gets more variate and heavy; this also made their live activity more intense, taking them to play along with several worldwide known stoner and sludge bands, like Karma to Burn, Radio Moscow, Dukatalon, Void of Sleep, Early Man, Black Rainbows, Brutus, Bottom Feeder, Moonless.
In 2013 they entry back the studio to record their debut album "Dirt Dealer", that will be released in 2014. For the production and the art work they entrusted the expert skills of Studio 73 and Riccardo Pasini and the art of Kabuto, the perfect match for the definition of their sound.
Up to now, they are spreading the riffs of Dirt Dealer, you can buy it in CD Digipack from Ozium Records or GoDown Records

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Band photos by Isadora Troiano 2013 - Artwork by Kabuto